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Introducing Scents of Nature

Blended by our British master perfumer, and carefully hand-packaged, we are excited and delighted to introduce our natural eau de parfum fragrances, made with pure essential oils.


I love these so much! Not only the gorgeous fragrances, but also the ethos and values of the company.

This note is to compliment you and your company on the delightful presentation of the samples. Then with the arrival of the perfume this morning, I can only describe the opening of the package a treat and the Woodland fragrance after my shower a pure delight.

Coastal bottle
Heathland bottle
Meadow bottle
Wildflower bottle
Woodland bottle

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Our Story

Born out of a passion for and a career protecting British wildlife, Scents of Nature is the brand and online presence for nature-related products produced by the wider family-run farm.

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Our Promise

  • No Animal-Testing

  • 97% Natural

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • None of the nasties

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How we capture the Scents of Nature

  1. Inspiration

    For us, this is the easy part. We take some of the most striking natural landscapes and habitats in the British Isles, chosen not just for their beauty, but also their value to our biodiversity. We want our fragrances to not only be attractive and smell wonderful, but to also serve a more important goal – to raise awareness of the need to protect and enhance biodiversity in these iconic yet threatened landscapes.

  2. Research

    Then, we conduct extensive research into the types of plants that grow in the different habitats, identifying those that can produce ingredients (usually essential oils) for use in our natural perfume.

  3. The Brief

    After that, we work closely with a British master perfumer to come up with a brief for the perfumes, utilising his expertise and skill along with key ingredients from our research to create captivating natural fragrances to encapsulate the landscapes that inspired us. We strive to get to 100% natural perfumes, but we use a small amount of lab-produced ingredients to provide our fragrances with a lasting and well-rounded scent profile.

  4. Testing

    Next comes the fun but lengthy process of smelling, testing, receiving consumer feedback and refining sample perfumes with the perfumer until we finally have our products – not forgetting the vital final safety tests to ensure our fragrances are compliant with IFRA standards.

  5. Packaging

    We spend a considerable amount of time researching and sourcing our packaging materials to fit with our environmentally responsible ethos. This is not as straightforward as it should be, but we are delighted with the results so far. Our bottles have screw-necks so can be refilled and re-used (we hope to introduce refills soon), recycled or re-purposed; our boxes and wood wool filling are made from FSC sourced wood. The boxes are intended for re-use – we’d love to see how you re-use yours!

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