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Heathland natural eau de parfum


The natural oils used in our heathland scent are blended to capture the essence of our cherished heather and moorland landscapes. Our classic fougère fragrance contrasts the sweet notes of lavender with woody oak moss and includes the long lasting and elegant broom absolute.

Top Notes - Rosemary, Lavender

Middle Notes - Clary Sage, Genet (Broom)

Base Note - Oakmoss

The Inspiration

Lowland heathland is celebrated for its unique wildlife and austere beauty – listen for the beautiful song of the woodlark, and look out for clouds of silver-studded blue butterflies and starry-flowered white buttercups. Lowland heathland is a priority for nature conservation because it is a rare and threatened habitat. Since 1800 more than 80% of heathland has been lost, making it rarer than rainforest! Many areas of heathland were lost due to urban development and conversion to farmland, whilst recreational pressure, air pollution and lack of management are key threats to that which remains. The UK is responsible for almost a fifth of the world’s remaining heathland so it’s vital that we protect what we have left and seek to restore some of what has been lost. Let this fragrance remind you of the beauty and fragility of this remarkable landscape. 

Part of our ethos is to work to an ethical business code, ensuring sustainability and environmentally responsible packaging and ingredient sourcing. As well as our ingredients, we have spent a significant amount of time researching our packaging options to ensure that they are either biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable. Our 50ml and 100ml glass perfume bottles have been deliberately selected with screw necks so that it’s easy to remove the pump and either recycle or re-use the bottle. The perfume bottles are carefully hand-packaged into wooden boxes and protected using wood wool made from FSC certified wood; the boxes are also designed to be re-usable – we would love to see your creative ideas on re-using the boxes and bottles so please post in the comments on our social media pages or email us at info@scentsofnature.co.uk.


Currently we only ship within the UK and Delivery is free of charge for orders £40 and over. All parcels for delivery within the UK should normally arrive within two to five working days of the order being placed.

If you would like to request an alternate/faster delivery method then please contact us via email at info@scentsofnature.co.uk – alternate delivery methods may be subject to extra charges.



If you are unhappy with an item please do get in touch, although please note that we cannot accept open or used items for return. Please email info@scentsofnature.co.uk with the details of your request and be sure to include a copy of your order confirmation.

Alcohol denat. (SD Alcohol 40-B), Parfum (Fragrance), *Linalool, *Limonene, *Evernia Prunastri Extract, *Geraniol, *Coumarin and *Eugenol.

* Naturally occurring in essential oils and absolutes.

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Our promise

No Animal Testing

We do not use any ingredients that are sourced from or tested on animals.

Environmentally Friendly

We are striving to be as environmentally responsible as possible and have spent a significant amount of time researching our packaging options to ensure that they are either biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable.

97% Natural

Most mass-produced fragrances are often made only with synthetic ingredients – but we can claim that our fragrances are at least 97% natural. This ensures that our products are safe and hypoallergenic, as well as producing a lasting and well-rounded scent profile. We would love to get this to 100% natural, but there are a few key elements which cannot be found naturally in plants or sourced from the British Isles.

None of the nasties

Our fragrances do not contain phthalates, parabens, sls, or synthetic dyes. All of our natural perfumes are produced with accordance to IFRA regulations.

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