We are closing our doors soon but you can still purchase 50ml and 100ml bottles of our fragrances while stock is available. Use voucher codes FINAL50 to get 25% off a 50ml bottle, or FINAL100 to get a 100ml bottle for the normal price of a 50ml bottle.

Our Fragrance Collection

Our exquisitely balanced fragrances have been designed to take you closer to nature. They have been carefully prepared from pure essential oils and other natural ingredients; all inspired by the natural landscapes of the British Isles, and to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity (something very close to our hearts – see Our Story and Journal).

Our natural perfumes have a very high naturally-derived ingredient content – at least 97% – and are all hand-crafted and packaged using environmentally responsible materials. This way, we can help to keep nature and the best of the British Isles with you at all times.

We are delighted to launch our finest quality English Lavender essential oil for sale now via our website – steam-distilled from lavender grown on our family farm.

Immerse yourself in the scents of nature

Our promise

No Animal Testing

We do not use any ingredients that are sourced from or tested on animals.

Environmentally Friendly

We are striving to be as environmentally responsible as possible and have spent a significant amount of time researching our packaging options to ensure that they are either biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable.

97% Natural

Most mass-produced fragrances are often made only with synthetic ingredients – but we can claim that our fragrances are at least 97% natural. This ensures that our products are safe and hypoallergenic, as well as producing a lasting and well-rounded scent profile. We would love to get this to 100% natural, but there are a few key elements which cannot be found naturally in plants or sourced from the British Isles.

None of the nasties

Our fragrances do not contain phthalates, parabens, sls, or synthetic dyes. All of our natural perfumes are produced with accordance to IFRA regulations.

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